the Massa difference

Massa is a gathering place to celebrate Italian food as it should be – simple & true.
This authenticity leads to the unexpected.

Massa’s focus on the artisanal Roman Square Pizza process results in a daily, maximum production of dough. As a result, when we sell all of the day’s dough, we will stop serving pizza.


The Pizza is Square –
Roman Square


The Flour is Italian – Non-GMO


The Fermentation
& Maturation –
72 hours


The End Result –
Highly Digestible, airy & crisp


the Process

Chemistry rules the fermentation and maturation process. Where many will rush through this critical stage, Massa allows 72 hours for the dough to reach full potential. The end result is readily digestible, airy & crisp.

For this reason, when the day’s batch of dough is done, we must wait until the next day for the best pizza possible.


The Ingredients

Massa's artisanal Roman Square Pizza dough is made with three simple ingredients – flour, water and yeast.

Imported Italian flour - NON-GMO, unbromated, unbleached

Combined local, seasonal and imported toppings

No added sugar

roman square pizza.JPG

The shape

Roman Square Pizza (RSP) is actually rectangular and larger than the average round. Massa RSP has 12 Roman Square slices in a full pan. We have by the slice and half pan options as well as full. For orders larger than 3 full pans, please order 72 hours in advance.


The Experience

Massa is the only pizzeria in Scotch Plains and surrounding areas that specializes in artisanal Roman Square Pizza while also offering a curated selection of imported Italian specialties within a casual, welcoming atmosphere that encourages you to sit, to talk and to enjoy the time with family and friends.

We suggest placing large orders in advance.